Kask SuperPlasma,HD Helmet HI-VIS WHT


Kask Super-Plasma Hi-Vis helmets offer a wide range of features for safety and comfort.

The outer shell is molded with ABS plastic for toughness and impact resistance.

The inner shell is made with HD Polystyrene for comfort and shock absorption.

This helmet comes with an adjustable universal sizing suspension and an Up & Down adjustment system offering superior fit thanks to its unique double pivot design.

This allows the back of the head to be cradled by the straps, which are easily tightened to the correct tension by a wheel ratchet. Keep your head cool with great ventilation from 10 air intakes protected by an aluminum anti-intrusion grille.

This helmet has no electrical insulation rating due to the ventilation intakes.

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Kask SuperPlasma,HD Helmet HI-VIS WHT

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