Mold Test Kit


This mold kit allows quick sampling of visible mold colonies, questionable materials, or discoloration.

Samples are taken through the use of adhesive strips or by bagging small “bulk” type samples. Sample bags are included for bulk sampling. As directed in the enclosed directions, the test strips are brought into contact with the surface to be sampled. These exposed strips are then placed on the sample submission card provided, and returned for laboratory analysis. A pre-addressed envelope is provided for return of the mold samples. Test results in the form of an analysis report are mailed back within 5-7 days of receipt at the test lab. This kit provides sampling capacity for up to 6 mold samples taken via mold strips and up to 3 “bulk” (2″ x 2″ x 0.5″) samples such as a piece of carpeting, wallpaper, wood, or similar material.

Molds are microscopic fungi that exist almost everywhere. Molds feed off organic materials and facilitate decomposition of these materials. Plants and animals routinely use these decomposed materials. To thrive, mold only requires moisture and a food source. Mold spores, from which mold colonies grow, can enter a building through open doorways, windows, leaks, HVAC systems, on pets, clothing, and many other ways. Once mold spores are present and land upon a site providing moisture and nutrition, it will begin to colonize and spread. This process will continue unless all mold spores are eradicated. High humidity or condensation can provide sufficient moisture to support mold growth. This is common in bathrooms, basements, and on and around windows during winter months.

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